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Most frequent questions and answers

It depends on the business you are starting and what tools are essential to get started. Factors to consider: mentoring, products, marketing, deposit, website, staff and courses. These are examples of some essentials people invest in when starting a business. 

The cost could vary from under £100 to thousands of pounds. 

Yes if you can afford the monthly payments and the debt is for an investment in your business. Purchasing pretty shoes and holidays are not essentials here ladies (sorry!)

Debt can be a smart choice if you create a thorough monthly budget and plan for when you will pay off the debt. If you can’t afford the monthly payments then debt is not a smart move.

It depends what your online business is going to be. Basic essentials include: funds, social media accounts, email list, website and blog, accountant, a network of successful business people, like-minded mums, a mentor is a good idea, business bank account, banking online account and an awesome mindset!

You create a schedule, be flexible with that schedule and remember to hug your little ones everyday amongst the chaos!

Make time for you, your work and your children. Let go of that mum guilt!

A difficult question to answer unfortunately. It depends on your business, how much money you invest, how many hours a day you work, your mindset and your commitment. 

Get clear on your income goals, create a smart monthly budget and be disciplined with your business daily action. 

Get help to design the life you want.

Balancing motherhood with work can be a tough job. That is why it is important to get the support you need to avoid burn out and overwhelm. Mummy Money is here to help you create a life you love, earning the money you want and being in control of your life whilst being mum. 

FREE Budget Planner Printable

An easy-to-use planner to budget your life.

  • I created a budget as a single mum to be happy and free in mind working from home.
  • I’ve made a budget that includes essentials and fun.
  • Budget what matters and save money to invest. 

You can do this too!


I would love to help you with 1:1 coaching. These are limited spots but I do offer support through coaching calls.

I can help you make a budget, talk about business plans, where to invest your money, how to start a blog or forex trading, how to fit in work around mum life, personal development, or mindset work.

If you want private 1:1 coaching with me, sign up here.