Rebecca Hughes

Rebecca Hughes is a former personal trainer who left the health and fitness industry to raise her girl and create a business to empower women. She spends her time helping mums work from home whilst raising their little ones to simplify the work mum life balance. 

She has helped mums build confidence, create a strong mindset and take responsibility for their health and wealth.

Over the past two years, she has gone from divorced single mum grieving the loss of family members to taking control of her mindset and finances. Rebecca aims to help other mums gain the confidence to grow successful businesses online and work from home.


Need 1:1 Support?

Spaces are limited for private 1:1 coaching calls. I do offer support through 45 minute coaching calls.


Want help with time management and a schedule for work and mum life? Need help with budgeting? Direction in what business to do from home?

"I met Rebecca through social media around a year ago when she invited me to join her Happy Mum Club group on Facebook.Over the past year Rebecca has helped me immensely with advice, guidance and sharing her infectious positivity with me. As a single mum myself I was drawn to Rebecca's strategies and mindset around wellness, health and nutrition. I look forward to seeing Rebecca's posts daily for their gentle reminder on positivity, wellness and motivation. Rebecca has helped me with my mindset and I have gradually changed from a surviving to thriving mindset. Rebecca is one of the most open, kind and passionate people I have been lucky enough to meet."
Katie Chetwood
Mental Health Nurse + Mum

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1:1 Coaching call for 45 minutes to give you the individual support you need.

Why Have a Mentor?

Since investing in mentors for personal and business life I have been able to focus on exactly what I’ve been dreaming about and create a smart plan to get there.

I would still be stuck and trying to figure it all out on my own if I hadn’t reached out and asked for help.

I am so grateful for the people who have helped me and continue to help me now. 

And, I am happy to help you grow so that you can achieve what you want and create the success you deserve from the years of knowledge I have gained.