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As I step into the new year I am filled with vision, hope and love for what is to come for 2021. I am not one to do new year’s resolutions, however, I love to plan and organise what I am doing. My love for planning always goes up a notch at the end of a year ready to step into a new year. It helps to set my mind straight and have a mental check-in to see where I am at and if I am heading in the direction for the life I am looking to create for my family and me.

We all know 2020 was a bit of a weird one. When lockdown first hit, I wasn’t impacted by the changes. My mindset was in a good place, I had an incredible mentor for business and forex trading, and was building a good base for my blogging and investment portfolio. However, as the year went by I slowly but surely got impacted by the changes around us. It played a part on my mentality not seeing my friends and family and impacted my relationship. Personally, 2020 wasn’t terrible for me but it wasn’t great either. This year will not be like that, I am taking control of what I can and responsibility for where I can to ensure that I change what I can in my world.

I am starting 2021 with intention, vision, positivity and faith that all is going to be ok no matter what the year brings our way. Are you with me?

Below, I am sharing with you most of my goals for 2021. There are a couple that I haven’t shared as I do like some privacy in my life 🙂

2021 Personal Goals

  • Family First! This seems an obvious one and should be a given, however, in the last 3 years of going through grief and divorce, it has thrown my mind all over the place and weirdly made me detached from my absolute top priority – family!!! Being a mummy is my ultimate priority, it always has been since the day I was ready to be a mum, I just needed a gentle (ok big) nudge to remind me amongst the chaos of life whilst trying to build my life back up. Even though I thought I was prioritising being mummy to my family, my messy mindset seemed to keep winning – not anymore! Back to being mindful with my top priority.
  • Joy!! 2021 has been officially stated as the year of joy, ask my boyfriend, he knows the official declaration. After being a mess for a while and the addition of a crazy 2020, I had to take a bold statement to focus on joy, happiness and love. Ain’t nobody got time for doom and gloom anymore!!
  • Love Me! My relationship with myself has been a bit up and down over the last few years due to losing touch with who I am amongst the struggles in my life. I have been building myself back up and now I am focusing on loving all of who I am.
  • Happy Mummy! In line with the above three, I am focusing on being a happy mummy so I can be my best self for my family. My family need and deserve a happy mummy. I’ve had too many battles without support, no matter what comes my way now I have learned to ask for help and support so I can be a happy mummy (and happy person in general).
  • Homeschooling Fun! Before I even got pregnant I knew I would homeschool my children, as the time approached last year to apply to schools for Sophia I knew we would still homeschool. I must say I am so pleased to have made that decision with all of the crazy cray cray in England with the lockdowns. A young child needs stability, and with schools opening and closing, sticking to our original homeschooling plan has been the best decision for our family. As I have been finding my feet with homeschooling I am focusing on joy, fun and play with Sophia as that is key for this age… even more so with the ongoing lockdown!!
  • Strong Relationship! This year I am committed to building a strong relationship with my boyfriend to create the kind of relationship we both desire and deserve. Through life’s lessons, I have come to see it takes a lot of work when two people come together from broken marriages and divorces, we have a lot to bring to the table 🙂
  • Lead with My Heart! This is something I always used to do and life was damn fun and simple. I used to be a fun carefree person!! The more detached I became the more lost, lonely and sad I felt. Hhhhmmmm. Not so fun hey?!!? When I listen and lead with my heart life is so simple, easy and fun!!
  • Do Something for Me Everyday! This has become a huge priority since being a mummy to a 4 year old and three young dogs, all whilst getting through my mess. I have learned (and been reminded) of actually doing something intentionally for me…not anyone else!!! I totally forgot that one. Ooops. Too busy loving up others and filling their cups. Turns out I am happier when I do things for myself too…. quite obvious really!!!

2021 Business Goals

  • Simple Schedule! Being a mummy to my girl and the pups I need a simple schedule. As my top priority is family first, that has to be at the forefront of my daily to-do’s. As I have tweaked my schedule over the last 2 years of getting back into business it still has been too much as it hasn’t been aligned with my main priority – family. I have tweaked my schedule (again!!!) with the help of my fav blogger and it is helping SO much with mum life!!
  • Enjoy Being Creative! I have been too focused on what to do for making money, how to make money, and how to build a business that my true joy for being creative keeps getting bashed. I am a hands-on kinda person, I love to be creative, I am a practical kinda gal, and I am making space for my creativity.
  • Listen to My Heart and Not the Crowd! In line with the above goal, as I have been building up a business and getting back into working I kept getting caught up in what I “should” be doing and what my heart wants to do. My hearts knows best, it always does, and I am DONE with doing what others think I should do for my business. My heart, my gut, my mind all know. I had to learn to trust myself again and build that confidence in my belief in what I can do!
  • Lifestyle Blogger! I love blogging. I started a little blog years ago as a personal trainer when doing CrossFit. I have done freelance writing for many years as a health and fitness writer. I started the Mummy Money blog to get back into the swing of things, however, I am going to be sharing more than just about money and business. My blog is evolving to share with you all the things I love. Stay tuned!
  • Thriving Team! Through my Arbonne business, I am building an epic team of incredible women. We will work together to build friendships, freedom, financial stability and fun in business.
  • Strong Investment Portfolio! I have loved every second of learning forex trading, cryptocurrency and stocks. All of 2020 was about learning money and creating wealth for the future. It has helped me to budget and learn better money management for me and my family. I already have investments building and I will continue to build a strong portfolio for 2021 and years to come!

Thank you so much for reading this post! I hope it inspires you to create a life you love and can control your life at home (and in your mind). We got this ladies! Don’t give up, 2020 was tough, now we have the opportunity to plan and prepare for 2021 with kindness, an open mind and an open heart for joy to come our way!

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